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Private School Journalism Association

Private School Journalism Association

Private School Journalism Association

Private School Journalism Association


What is PSJA?

The Private School Journalism Association, an affiliate of Brimmer and May School in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, is the only organization of its type exclusively dedicated to supporting student publications at the over 1,800 private and independent schools in the United States.

What Does PSJA Do?

PSJA empowers schools and educators to fulfill stated mission statements and philosophies, which place an emphasis on student voice and student leadership. The association offers resources, advice, consultations, and site visits, and it strives to foster a supportive environment for schools to practice what they preach. 

How Do I Join PSJA?

To join PSJA, please contact PSJA Executive Director David Cutler at [email protected]. Membership if free, although conferences and contests could cost additional fees. 

Whose Behind PSJA?

PSJA Founder and Director David Cutler

David Cutler, who teaches history and journalism at Brimmer and May (Massachusetts), launched the organization in October, 2019. As adviser to his School’s award-winning online student news site, The Gator, Cutler discovered that while most private schools claim a shared appreciation for student voice, too few institutions can claim a vibrant culture of student publications.

An education writer, Cutler has covered student voice for various publications, including Edutopia (where he also serves as a Guest Editor), Huffington Post, The Atlantic, KQED, Well-Schooled, and the National Association of Independent Schools. He has also presented on advising private school publications national scholastic journalism conferences.